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  • GLOBAL INFO: Our SUPER73 series for global markets such as Europe, Australia, Japan and South Africa are certified as electric pedal assist cycles (EPAC) according to EN 15194.
  • COMPARE ALL MODELS 3RD PARTY OR SELF-SHIPPING: 3rd party or self-shipping of any SUPER73 motorbike or battery is prohibited due to specific certifications that are required to ship our batteries. The information necessary for a 3rd party to ship our battery is proprietary and will not be provided if requested. We are not liable to accept returns for merchandise refused by a 3rd party shipper or international borders. We are not liable for any unresolved issues or parts for merchandise transported to regions we do not already ship to directly or have authorised dealers. It is the responsibility of the owner to source an e-bike specialist for repair or maintenance in an unsupported region.