SUPER73 X Deus Saltafoss Bike

SUPER73 X Deus Saltafoss Bike

If you can customize a motorcycle, why can’t you do the same with a bicycle? Challenge accepted. SUPER73 brought its top bike – the SUPER73-RX - to our Workshop in Milan with just one brief: turn it into your dream bike.

We haven’t really dreamed about any bicycle lately, but we definitely did a few decades ago when two pedals and a frame were our best mate on any adventure. Saltafoss were some of the trendiest bikes of the time, with a design that was so cool that it has stuck in our mind ever since. So we were quite sure about what we had to do, and the SUPER73-RX was the perfect starting point. Out of the factory, the RX features already features some top-quality details that couldn’t be missing in our dream bike:

- inverted coil-spring fork with air assist and rear piggyback coil-over mono-shock with a fully  adjustable suspension system
- 250-watt continuous rated power motor
- powerful brake system that includes 4-piston forged aluminum calipers and 203 x 180mm rotors

We then choose the colours starting from an 80’s light blue as the main shade, combined with a dark military green for the frame. The back loop is a compulsory element, as is the hand-sewn flag on top of it. A long, broad handmade seat with the logo embroidered on the back completes the project. Last but not least: the test drive. Guys, let me confirm that was big, fat fun.

A @deusworkshopmilano project
Rider @doggy_bau_wof
Thanks @pumptrack.lainate for hosting us
Photo by @alessioscaccabarozzi_asp_photo