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Orders & Shipping

The verification process, when placing an order, goes through our security partners, primarily to protect you as a credit card holder against any misuse of your information and card. You can learn more about this by clicking here.

If you believe the outcome is incorrect, please send an email to and provide the necessary information that may be requested.

Please follow the instructions outlined in the email to proceed with the process.

Our website provides shipping services to the following countries: The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, and France.

If you are located outside of these three countries but within Europe, our official SUPER73 dealers are the best option for test rides, purchasing, and repairs. Our trusted dealers are committed to providing you with top-notch service to get you riding as soon as possible. To find our dealer locations and their contact details, please click here.

If you have any questions, our Customer Support team is here to assist you. Feel free to send your inquiries to the following email address:

Our ebikes and accessories are shipped using two different couriers. Each delivery service provides shipping confirmation and a tracking number, which we will forward to you once your order has been fulfilled.

The estimated delivery time frame varies depending on the availability of each model. To check the availability and estimated delivery time frames for each model, please refer to the individual product pages.

Self-shipping or third-party shipping of any SUPER73 e-bikes or batteries is prohibited due to specific certifications required for shipping lithium-ion batteries.

The documentation required for a third-party carrier to ship our batteries is proprietary information and will not be provided upon request.

We are not liable for accepting returns on merchandise refused by third-party shippers or at international borders. Furthermore, we are not liable for any unresolved issues or parts for merchandise transported to regions where we do not directly ship or where we have authorized dealers. It is the responsibility of the owner to find an e-bike specialist for repairs or maintenance in unsupported regions. Transporting a SUPER73 outside of our service region will void its limited manufacturing warranty.

Dealers & Locations

SUPER73 ebikes can be purchased directly through our website

You can also purchase your SUPER73 ebike from an authorised dealer near you! Click here to find the closest distributor to your area.

Thank you for your interest in SUPER73!

We are open to exploring new business models and creative solutions. However, please note that each application is carefully reviewed, and our selection process is based on our criteria and current strategies.

SUPER73 is an American lifestyle adventure brand that combines motorcycle heritage and youth culture, born from a desire to inspire and create adventure and community. We are continuously seeking sales partners worldwide with unique profiles and product portfolios.

If you believe that you and your company have what it takes, please complete the application to the best of your ability. This will allow our global team to evaluate whether your company profile aligns with our vision.

Feel free to include any additional information, such as pictures or ideas on how you would integrate us into your retail space. Our Sales team will review your application and contact you within 4 weeks if your company profile aligns with our requirements.

You can test-ride our ebikes at any of our dealers located on this map. We recommend calling ahead to inquire about the availability of models for demos at each dealer location. Please note that we cannot guarantee the inventory availability at our dealers.

If you are located in the Netherlands, we warmly welcome you to visit our Headquarters in Amsterdam-Duivendrecht.

Our address:

Industrieweg 61
1115 AD Duivendrecht
The Netherlands

Our sales team is fluent in English, Dutch, Spanish, German, and French.

Product Information

Click on this link to be redirected to our Registration page.

We highly recommend that all SUPER73 riders register their bikes on our website. This ensures that you are recognised as the original owner of the bike and is also necessary for any potential warranty-related inquiries.

Please complete the required information and click the "Send" button to successfully submit your registration form. We greatly value and appreciate your feedback, so we encourage you to share your experience with us.

Still need assistance?
If you have any questions about the registration process, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support.


Phone: +31 (0) 208990462

Europe operates under a distinct set of rules, certifications, market standards, and regulations that govern the sale, transportation, and operation of our bikes. These factors, combined with varying duties and pricing structures associated with bringing our bikes to Europe, account for the main differences in prices.

Please read below for further explanation.

Certified and eligible for government incentives:

Europe maintains stringent regulations and certifications for electric bikes, ensuring high standards for consumer safety. SUPER73 adheres to these regulations by subjecting each new bike model to testing in accredited laboratories to meet required labelling and standards. Such tests and certifications contribute to the pricing of our bikes. Consequently, our bikes are classified as Electric Pedal Assist Cycles (EPAC) and fall into the ebike category eligible for government grants for consumers.

Prices are not always what they seem:

At first glance, prices listed on the US SUPER73 website may appear considerably lower than those displayed on the European site. In the United States, advertised prices do not include local state taxes, which can range from 0% to 13.3% (such as in California). These state taxes are added to the shopping cart.

In Europe, the displayed price already includes the Value Added Tax (VAT) on the product page. Additionally, there are various import fees and other Value Added Taxes applied to products imported into Europe.

The C1X is currently in prototyping stage, and as a result, there is no confirmed delivery time available yet. To stay informed about production updates, pricing, and availability, we recommend subscribing to our newsletter and visiting the C1X information page.

Yes, the Youth Series will be available for purchase in Europe in SS 2024.

With the exception of the SUPER73-ZG model, all our bikes have the capability to accommodate an additional passenger, as long as the maximum weight capacity is adhered to. You can find the specific maximum weight capacity for each bike on the Compare Bikes page.

However, it is important to note that riding with a passenger can disrupt the weight distribution, which may result in the SUPER73 e-bike not performing as expected.

Furthermore, if you own a SUPER73-RX model, you have the option to purchase a separate 2-Up Seat to replace your current seat.

Although we encourage our riders to personalize their ebikes through modifications, it's crucial to be aware that certain changes can be risky and may result in the warranty becoming void.

For instance, incorporating non-bicycle components like motorcycle tires and after-market motors can impose excessive strain on the mechanical and electrical parts, surpassing their intended capabilities.

Please remember that any alterations made to the ebike's electrical system, including after-market batteries, motors, throttles, controllers, and headlights, will nullify the warranty. These modifications have the potential to impact the bike's performance and behaviour.

By providing this clarification, we aim to ensure both the safety of our riders and the preservation of the warranty coverage.

These cables are present to eventually receive optional accessories coming on the S2 such as IoT connectivity and turn signals. You can tighten them up to the frame or the other cables in order not to damage them. 

Please e-mail our customer service team to receive the EN 15194 (EPAC) Declaration of Conformity.

You are not required to register your SUPER73 ebike, obtain a special permit, or hold a license in order to ride it. Our ebikes are EPAC certified, meaning they have undergone testing and certification to meet the security standards of EPAC (Electric Power Assisted Cycle) as per EN 15194 for electric bicycles purchased and used in Europe.

However, it is highly recommended that you stay informed about the laws and regulations pertaining to e-bikes in your specific country. Keeping up-to-date with the relevant rules will ensure that you ride your SUPER73 ebike in compliance with local requirements.

That's correct. European bike models, with the exception of the Super73-ZG, are equipped with an 8-speed gearing system, which doesn't allow for the inclusion of a chain guard. On the other hand, US-spec models feature a single speed and thus come with a chain guard for added protection.

Yes, the battery is removable on all current models - except for the ZG as it is securely bolted into and integrated into the seat with other electronic components. Please contact us before troubleshooting or attempting to remove the seat from a ZG. 

You will find the serial number engraved on the bottom bracket between the pedal cranks. You may have to lift the bike to get a better visual. We advise placing a towel down to avoid accidental paint scratches.

For the ZG, you can find the serial number on the top side of the bottom bracket or on the underside of the bottom bracket.

The SUPER73 ebikes are sold as complete units, and we do not offer individual components for separate purchase. This includes essential parts such as the frame, motor, and battery.

In the event that replacement parts are needed, their availability may vary. Additionally, acquiring replacement parts would require providing proof of ownership of a SUPER73 ebike of the specific model for which the parts are intended.

All our bikes are designed to be weather resistant under normal weather conditions. However, we advise against exposing them to extreme weather that could strain the battery, motor, or other electrical components. It's important to note that the SUPER73 is not suitable for use in puddles, heavy rain, or riding through streams.

Please avoid immersing the product in water, as it can cause damage to the electrical system. When riding in wet conditions, exercise extra caution. Wet surfaces can lead to slips and serious injuries. Brake earlier than usual, as it takes longer to slow down in wet conditions. Reduce your riding speed, wear reflective clothing, and use approved safety lights. Be cautious of road hazards, as they are harder to see in wet conditions.

If you leave your bike out in the rain, ensure it is covered and dry before attaching the battery. Taking these precautions will help keep your SUPER73 in optimal condition.

As our bikes are shipped fully assembled and packaged in their original state, we are unable to open the box and make modifications to any parts or accessories before shipping them to you. Bikes are shipped separately from the additional parts and accessories.

If you desire a different color or seat model, you will need to make a separate purchase and install it yourself. For instance, you can install the S2 seat on an RX bike, or vice versa.

Explore our Bike Quiz to discover the ideal bike that matches your height and riding requirements.

Alternatively, visit our Compare Bikes page for information on seat heights, aiding you in making the right choice.

Payments & Financing

We currently offer installments via Klarna though specific options will vary by region. For more information, please visit our Financing and Payment Options page.

If you have an unredeemed voucher or discount code and you would like to use it to place an order on our website, please feel free to contact our customer support team at the following e-mail address: Our team is more than happy to help you with placing your order. 

Voucher/Discount Code Limitations:

  • The discount codes have a one-year validity
  • The discount codes are non-cumulative
  • The discount codes are single-use
  • The value of the discount may not include additional shipping costs

We are offering the referral program "Refer A Friend" as an ongoing offer.

For other promotional offers and discounts, keep an eye on our website, and do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter to be up-to-date with the latest announcements. 

SUPER73 is not part of the Cycle to Work Scheme, as our business is not located in the UK. 

We invite you to contact one of our dealers from the UK, who may participate in it.

Note: For Ireland, SUPER73 is part of the Cycle to Work Scheme. See more here.

If you wish to purchase a SUPER73 ebike with VAT exemption, please contact us via email at In your email, kindly provide the following details: a valid VAT number and the company name, your full name, shipping and billing address, as well as the item(s) you would like to purchase (including item, quantity, and order).

If English is not your first language, please ensure your request is in English. Please note that only requests related to VAT will receive a response. For any other inquiries, our customer support team is available to assist you at

Please be aware that VAT exemption cannot be applied retroactively to existing orders. If you have an unfulfilled order, it can be canceled and replaced with a new VAT-exempt order. However, we must inform you that canceling an existing order may result in extended fulfilment wait times, as orders are shipped on a first-come-first-served basis.

Once an order has been shipped, we are unable to make any modifications to it.

At the moment, we do not offer gift cards for purchase. We suggest signing up for our email newsletter for the latest updates. 

At the moment, we are unable to offer this option. For monthly instalment payments, we offer Splitit.

At the moment, we do not accept this payment option. We accept card payments from the following companies: Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We also offer monthly installment options. For more information, please see the Financing and Payments page.

No, we do not accept cash payments at our Showroom or Service Center. We accept card payments with Visa, MasterCard, America Express and iDeal.

Repairs & Maintenance

Check out individual bike manuals on the warranty page.

Please check out our Contact Support page for more information.


Get in touch with us for any inquiries or support you may need