Super73 Cafe Racer bike

SUPER73 Cafe Racer

Introducing our latest creation, the SUPER73 Cafe Racer, crafted with a rich moto heritage in mind.

Introducing our latest creation, the SUPER73 Cafe Racer. Crafted with a rich moto heritage in mind, this exceptional machine features a sleek and captivating gold chrome powder-coated front fork that demands attention. The silver chrome powder-coated frame beautifully complements the fork, creating a rugged and minimalist design that exudes raw appeal. Embracing its cafe racer heritage, this bike ditches pedals in favor of pegs in the back, offering riders an effortless and exhilarating cruising experience reminiscent of classic motorcycles. The low-rise moustache handlebar provides a firm and commanding riding position.

With the 5-inch BDGR tires, this bike not only exudes rugged charm but also delivers exceptional performance on any terrain. The lower battery placement with bushings enhances stability but also adds to the bike's overall visual appeal. Immerse yourself in the essence of a true cafe racer with this remarkable electric bike.

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