Super73 GRZLY Tire
Super73 GRZLY Tire

GRZLY Tire 20" x 5" w/ Override

Sale price€90 EUR

Now with puncture-resistant override and available in a width of 20in. x 5in., the GRZLY offers a tread for those seeking to venture beyond the paved path. With an aggressive knobby tread pattern, the GRZLY has excellent grip on a variety of terrain, designed to dig into loose dirt and gravel with ferocity, or provide consistent contact and grip on hardpack, rock, and asphalt. Ride with freedom and explore with confidence knowing that the GRZLY tires don’t back down from a challenge.

  • Knobby off-road style tread
  • Super73 Lightning Bolt design in tread
  • Great for rugged terrain
  • Moto-style look and feel
  • Tire Compatibility