A few friends are riding Super73 ebikes by the shore


If you're looking for a collection of our most iconic and recognisable ebikes, the S-series is for you. Whether you're exploring your city or gearing up for an urban adventure, this lineup guarantees a legendary ride.
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SUPER73-S Adventure Series
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Young man riding a SUPER73-S series ebike standing on pedals showing suspension

Fully Adjustable Suspension

The S-series allows you to master the road with fully adjustable front suspension and an inverted coil spring fork for one of our smoothest rides to date.

Iconic Style

Heads will turn. This lineup offers some of our most recognizable silhouettes and classic design features for an A-list cruise.

Young man riding a SUPER73-S series ebike showing upright ergonomics

Ergonomic Excellence

With a comfortable 2-Up seat and higher handlebars for a more upright riding position, the S-series offers a relaxed way to discover your city.