In our ongoing mission to push boundaries and challenge tradition, we’ve created models that allow our riders to live boldly and explore their communities like never before.

Two men and a woman riding in the desert

Performance & Adventure Collide


Whether you’re hitting the street or the trail, our R series models will take your adventures to the next level.

• Rugged Drive System

• Top of the line Suspension

• High Powered Integrated Lights

A close up shot of the Super73-S2 Bone White while riding on the shore

Urban Exploration & Iconic Design


We’re rolling out the red carpet for some of our most iconic models to date. These compact urban cruisers combine classic design with dynamic performance, leaving every rider feeling like an A-lister.

•Timeless Design

•Powerful Performance

•Luminous Headlight Integration

•Durable, Removable Battery

Super73-Z Miami close up shot

Electrifying Your Commute


Simultaneously comfortable and cool, our Z series models are the perfect launch point into the bold world of SUPER73.

•Designed for Comfortable Commuting

•User-Friendly Riding

•Durable, High-Powered Motor