front view of ABUS Alarmbox
top view of ABUS Alarmbox
detail shot of ABUS Alarmbox in use

ABUS Alarmbox 2.0

Sale price€60 EUR

The ABUS Alarmbox 2.0 offers you a 2-in-1 alarm and locking system.This electronic device triggers an intelligent, shock- and motion-sensitive alarm for your object - whether it's a bike, barbecue, or tools. Additionally, further ABUS adapter chains or cables can be integrated into the Alarmbox housing as accessories, securing additional objects. The Alarmbox 2.0 can be easily attached to round tubes, such as a bike frame, and secured with a key. Upon light shocks or movements, a short 5-second warning sounds. In the case of a persistent theft attempt, a loud 100 dB alarm is triggered.When a thief is on the prowl, they want to attract as little attention as possible. However, that's precisely where the portable alarm system disrupts their plans.
Application and Usage
  • Convenient alarm unit for flexible attachment to various objects
Technology and Features
  • Alarm function with a minimum of 100 dB for 15 seconds, followed by reactivation
  • 3D Position Detection - an alarm system that detects vibrations and the smallest movements in all three dimensions, activating the alarm
  • Intelligent alarm - for minor and brief shocks, such as from a soccer ball, the alarmbox emits only a short warning tone
  • Includes CR2 battery
  • Attachment capability to almost all round geometries
  • Connection option for ABUS adapter chains and cables