front view of ABUS BORDO™ One bike lock
detail shot of ABUS BORDO™ One bike lock in use
detail shot of ABUS BORDO™ One bike lock on bike
detail shot of ABUS BORDO™ One bike lock in use

ABUS BORDO™ One 6500A/110 ART-2

Sale price€250 EUR



Enjoy the benefits of the innovative SmartX cylinder that provides you with safety and comfort: You no longer need keys – your smartphone in your bag or pocket is sufficient.In combination with the loud 100 dB alarm, this lock ensures security for valuable two-wheelers, such as e-bikes and cargo bikes. Thanks to the connection with the ABUS One app and the proven ABUS SmartX™ Bluetooth technology, the bike lock operates completely keyless.
For those who want something less smart but still convenient, the BORDO™ One 6500A can optionally be operated with the remote control. The remote control is available separately.

Technology and equipment
  • 5.5 mm thick bars, with an extra soft 2-component cover
  • Easy operation via the ABUS One app (formerly SmartX) – for iOS and Android
  • Unlocking and locking the bike lock without a key – Keyless function based on the proven ABUS SmartX™ Bluetooth® technology
  • Alarm function with a minimum of 100 dB for 15 seconds, then automatically rearming
  • 3D Position Detection – detects vibrations and very small movements in all three dimensions and triggers an alarm
  • Intelligent alarm – for small and short vibrations, e.g., caused by a soccer ball, the lock emits only a short warning tone
  • USB-C port
  • Storage of the last location where the bike was parked or placed
  • LED light indicates battery and charging status
  • Incl. holder (SH)
Holder and transport
  • SH – lock holder for easy transport on the bike, which can be mounted without tools thanks to practical tension or Velcro straps. The lock is removed from the holder frontally.