Introducing the new Super 73-Z

July 18, 2018

TUSTIN, CALIF: The most talked about electric motorbike brand now has a budget-friendly option. To celebrate their two-year anniversary, SUPER73 has added a new bike to their renowned SUPER73® lineup, the SUPER73®-Z.

The SUPER73®-Z is a fun new bike that epitomizes a Southern California vibe and a cool laid-back attitude. Equipped with a thumb throttle and a newly designed seat, the Z allows for riders to enjoy the experience of a SUPER73® with the ability to cruise effortlessly in style.

With a limited presale price of just $950 USD and an expected retail price of $1,200 USD, the Z comes in as SUPER73's most affordable bike to date. Pre-orders are open through August 2018 with the first batch estimated to deliver in December 2018, just in time for the holidays.

Equipped with 350 watts of power and a top speed of up to 17 mph, the Z is a formidable challenger in the electric bike industry. The new handlebar and fork design allow for riders to turn sharp corners smoothly.

With a sleek new design, the SUPER73®-Z sports a more compact frame, perfect for smaller riders. The Z is offered with a white frame and red seat color combination, a fresh take for the SUPER73® line.

Currently, the Z is only available in the United States, but SUPER73 is working to bring this model to the international market.

Based on the continuously sold-out status of the previous SUPER73® models, SUPER73 expects the Z to become one of the most popular electric bikes to hit the market this year. So, be sure to place your order for a SUPER73®-Z before prices go up to ensure it arrives just in time for the holidays.