Geneva: 250 Chf correspondant à 50% du prix d’achat maximum et jusqu’à 500 Chf pour l’achat d’un vélo cargo (au maximum 10% du prix).
250 Chf corresponding to 50% of the maximum purchase price and up to 500 Chf for the purchase of a cargo bike (maximum 10% of the price). Lien.

Lausanne: 15% du prix de l’e-bike et dans la limite de 400 Chf et jusqu’à 800 Chf pour les moins de 25 ans et pour les personnes au bénéfice d’un subside à l’assurance maladie. Achat d’un vélo neuf dans une boutique en Suisse et renvoyer le dossier au centre Equiwatt. 
15% of the price of the e-bike and within the limit of 400 Chf and up to 800 Chf for people under 25 years old and for people benefiting from a health insurance subsidy. Purchase of a new bike in a store in Switzerland and return the file to the Equiwatt center. Lien.

Good to know:
Classic and electric bicycles up to 25 kilometers per hour are insured against theft away from home up to a maximum of 2,000 Swiss francs under Zurich's contents insurance. An additional module is required for faster e-bikes. Those who want more protection can take out the Zurich Bike comprehensive insurance:

It covers all bikes in the event of loss or damage resulting from theft, compensates costs up to 12,000 Swiss francs for repairs after an accident or fall, and offers a 24-hour breakdown service.