Super73 and COVID-19: What We Are Doing

Super73 and COVID-19: What We Are Doing

We are all, assuredly, fatigued from the COVID-19 emailsOur team has received Coronavirus awareness emails from restaurants we visited in 2012, gyms we haven’t been members of for 6 years, and every Etsy craft business in between.
With that being said, we have no complaints when useful and important information is being shared by entities that have something equally useful and important to say. Now it’s our turn but we hope and think you’ll find the following information valuable enough to frame and put on your wall next to the photo of you and that one celebrity that came to your work that one time. 
Obviously the world is changing fast and we take that change very seriously. Every morning we wake up to news that reaffirms the previous day’s updates, contradicts everything a different health professional said, or straight up just confuses us. We want to take this time to do our part to clear the air regarding biking and commuting standards during this uncertain season. As things change fast, we will do our best to keep our community updated with most clear and current information. 
Before we get into it, let’s talk about the hottest phrase of 2020 and something that the Instagram kids will be making memes about for the next 4 years: Social Distancing.

Social Distancing Requirements includes maintaining at least six-foot social distancing from other individuals, washing hands with soap and water for at least twenty seconds as frequently as possible or using hand sanitizer, covering coughs or sneezes (into the sleeve or elbow, not hands), regularly cleaning high-touch surfaces, and not shaking hands.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is “Is it okay to ride my bike during this time?” We can confidently say at this time that it is actually far safer to use a bike as transportation. Public transportation, where still available, is a breeding ground for germs and illness to spread. Even in areas under a “Shelter-In-Place” directive, you are still allowed to run, walk, and enjoy outdoor activities as long as you are alone and practicing “social distancing.” This is a severe medical emergency but, contrary to what they’re saying on Facebook, not a zombie apocalypse. If you’re cooped up and losing your mind watching re-runs of The Office, grab your bike, and go for a quick ride.  
When outdoors, avoid touching any area that is out of direct sunlight. The novel coronavirus cannot last long when exposed to UV light but the germs can still linger on surfaces such as crosswalk buttons. Kick those with your feet. You should always be kicking those with your feet, but now more than ever. As for the air you’re breathing, there is very little chance of contracting the virus through air when you are further than 6 feet away from anyone. We just hold our breath anytime someone is riding too close but make sure to remember to start breathing again or your blood flow will lose oxygen causing you to pass out.  
As for the operation of the team behind Super73, I can assure you that everyone is taking the proper precautions as mandated by our local government, but aside from the increased Slack communication and frustration with videoconference meetings, we are still operating at peak performance and still shipping bikes within 24 hours of their order. Earlier today I heard that a bike was shipped within 20 minutes of it being ordered! Obviously things may change due to local government regulations, but rest assured that we have multiple contingency plans for whatever development may arise. At the time of writing this, things are also looking great for our pre-order customers. Outside of the one person who asked me yesterday if pre-orders would somehow be shipping sooner due to the virus, causing me to stare in a stupor off into the distance as equations floated around my head, I can say that you will all be pleased to hear that we are still on track with production of your S2, R, and RX bikes to hit the May date we shared earlier.
Lastly, we do want to suggest that you use caution when riding outside. Hospitals and medical professionals are already working around the clock to handle the increase in visitors. Now is possibly the worst time to walk into the emergency room with a banged up elbow. We insist that you use consideration and thoughtfulness before launching off that curb lip at 18mph. I’m only saying this because I know our community is full of daredevils and stunt-riders. Keep it in the lanes and enjoy a well-paced and relaxing solo ride. Maintaining a sense of normalcy during this time can help calm anxiety and over-thinking. Obviously things are far from normal, but do your best to stay busy and keep a clear mind. Follow all current regulations and be mindful of others who may not be as healthy and strong as you.

With cycling up 52% in New York already, we feel confident in saying that our SUPERSQUAD will continue to grow in members and many people experiencing bike commuting for the first time will likely not return to their cars once this whole thing blows over. As scooter share companies continue to take their germ-riddled scooters off the streets, we will be equipping more riders to enjoy their freedom, individuality, and adventure as the coming months continue to surprise us.