FRIS Smart Tracker for E-Bikes

Fris Smart Tracker

Sale price€80 EUR

The Fris Smart Tracker is recognized by insurers and provides optimal theft protection. Featuring a unique motion detector, it enables real-time tracking to pinpoint your stolen vehicle both indoors and outdoors, ensuring its safe recovery.

If you already have a tracking system approved by Fris you can apply separately for your subscription which which will be charged at €5.95 per month.

Invest a one-time fee of €50, which covers the cost of the tracker, along with a monthly subscription fee of €5.95 directly to Fris Nederland. The Fris team will install the Smart Tracker on-site. Upon order confirmation, you'll receive an appointment within 48 hours via email. Their technician will personally guide you through the setup and activation process.


After your Fris Smart Tracker is mounted, all you have to do is add and activate it in the free Zeker!-app. This app does not have a login. After installation, you can simply scan the QR code of one or more Smart Trackers and get started! Moreover, the app allows you to add, track and manage multiple transmitters. The Zeker!-app is available for Android (version 6 or higher) and iOS (version 10 or higher) and can be downloaded for free via: