Vissla and Super73 Custom Bike

SUPER73 and Vissla

The SUPER73-S2, a collaboration between SUPER73 and Vissla, combines electric mobility with surf culture, featuring a hand-made design inspired by the Vissla resin logo, and offering versatile features such as storage, a surfboard rack, and GRZLY tires for a seamless experience on the road and beach.

We’ve combined innovation with urban heritage by fusing electric mobility along with surf culture through Vissla's creative ambitions. This bike's design is based on the Vissla resin logo, which are all hand-made making each one unique. Vissla embraces the modern do-it-yourself attitude within surf culture and craftsmanship.

We believe this custom portrays these motives by offering a bike that can do more with less. The SUPER73-S2 was designed to be the perfect bike to handle the road and beach with storage on the panels, a rack for your surfboard and GRZLY tires to handle any terrain. Whether you’re waking up at the crack of dawn to go surfing for the day or solely running errands, this is the bike for you.

See this custom in action with Vissla creator Paul Duvignau as he carves a custom board to go along with this custom SUPER73-S2.