Calling All Super Squad Members!

Calling All Super Squad Members!

As we look back on 2021 we can’t help but feel that it has been an incredible year of growth, not only for us as a company but also for the entire European SUPER73 community. We’ve held group rides all across Europe and have had the amazing opportunity to meet so many dedicated Super Squad members. It’s been awesome hearing all of your individual stories and how owning a SUPER73 has impacted your life. Seeing Super Squads going from strength to strength has been super encouraging for us and we love seeing new squads popping up in new cities. 

Because of this we are delighted to announce that we’re officially launching the Super Squad story series on our EU YouTube channel. You may be familiar with the series on the US channel and it’s something we want to highlight in the European community. This series will showcase some of our most passionate and enthusiastic Super Squad members and do a deep dive into who they are. You can check out our video with Parisian Super Squad member Matt Hobby HERE and also check out some of the American videos over on the SUPER73 YouTube Page. 

With that being said we want your help in finding community members whose stories you think should be told. Some simple ground rules are that you or the person you’re recommending must own a SUPER73 and must be located in Europe. 

If this is you or someone you would like to recommend, then please send a short explanation of the person and why you think they should be featured to with the subject line “Super Squad Story 2022”.

We look forward to growing the community and sharing all of your stories!