Frequently Asked Questions


  • All of our SUPER73 models come as street-legal Electrically Power Assisted Cycles (EPAC) as per European regulations and do not require a driver’s license or registration. The speed is limited to 25 km/h with a continuous rated power of 250-watt motor. Please check your local regulations to see if your country has any extra requirements.

    If you're planning on using your Super73 on private land and for off-roading, the Super73 App offers a few different riding modes for the compatible SUPER73-S2, RX, RX Mojave, and ZX and Z Miami models. 

    Four In-App Riding Modes

    To access these, open the Super73 App, go into "Vehicle" in the Menu, then scroll through "Mode Selection". In each riding mode, you have 4-speed levels that you switch on the bike's display. So in total, there are 16 different configurations you can choose from. Example, Riding mode 2, Speed Level 3. The compatible models default to the standard EPAC 250w Riding Mode 1 when the bike is first turned on. 

    For the RX and S2

    Mode 1/ Default Mode: EPAC (Electrically Power Assisted Cycles) with Pedal Assist at up to 25 km/h 250-watt motor output (street legal for all European countries) 

    Mode 2: Pedal Assist up to 35 km/h (Private Land Use ONLY)

    Mode 3: Pedal Assist up to 45 km/h (Private Land Use ONLY)

    Mode 4: “Off Road” up to 50 km/h with throttle only and full battery (Private Land Use ONLY) The use of the throttle allows you to fully control the power output of the motor and push it to its peak power. Made for off-road riding. Best performance obtained is when battery is charged. 

    SUPER73-ZX and Z Miami

    Mode 1/ Default Mode: EPAC (Electrically Power Assisted Cycles) with Pedal Assist at up to 25 km/h 250-watt motor output (street legal for all European countries) 

    Mode 2: Pedal Assist up to 37 km/h (Private Land Use ONLY)

    Mode 3: Pedal Assist up to 40 km/h (Private Land Use ONLY)

    Mode 4: “Off Road” up to 45 km/h with throttle only and full battery (Private Land Use ONLY) The use of the throttle allows you to fully control the power output of the motor and push it to its peak power. Made for off-road riding. Best performance obtained is when battery is charged. 

  • Just like the bikes sold in the United States, the Off Road gives you the option of going from the standard 250-watt continuous motor power output to higher speeds by releasing the full 1200 watt nominal power and 2000 watt peak motor power of the bike.

    To enable Riding Modes 2 to 4, the rider needs to launch the Super73 App, accept the terms and conditions and activate the desired riding mode which will unlock the extra power and speed.
    To activate the “Off Road", users need to acquire the Off-Road Experience kit (ORE) Kit as well as activate that mode on the Super73 App. 

  • Available to purchase here. Contents include a throttle and an extra wide handlebar for easier handling and enabling an active riding position. This Off-Road kit is designed specifically for riders to use on private land, closed racing tracks, etc. Reminder, this throttle package is not required to go faster than 25 km/h since those riding modes are available via selection in the app and through pedal assist.

    Important: Customers who enable Off Road must know that this is solely for private land use and may not be used on public streets and public land. Enabling Off Road mode does not automatically classify the bike as a 45 km/h “speed loç” which requires the bike to be homologated specifically for that class and the rider to obtain insurance and register the vehicle. Think of the Off Road as a way to transform your daily driver into the ultimate weekend off-road adventure machine for as long as you ride on private property.

    Our recommendation
    Our S2, RX, ZX and Z Miami bikes are designed to be powerful, fast, and enjoyed. We are making sure this experience is felt in Europe and everywhere around the world. We are following regulations without dampening the Super73 experience. While we understand your need for speed, we recommend following European rules and regulations. 

  • Unfortunately due to regulations and EU laws, the Youth Series won’t be available in Europe.

  • There still is not a confirmed delivery time. To stay up to date on production, pricing and availability make sure to subscribe to the newsletter on theC1X information page

  • Please refer to our YouTube video on unboxing your Super73.

  • Please e-mail us to receive the declaration of conformity for the ZG, ZX, SG and SG1, S2 and RX models. 

  • Yes, Super73 Bikes are eligible for VAT-Exemption. That being said, a VAT-Exemption can only be applied by a Super73 Customer Service Agent through a custom order invoice. A VAT-Exemption is also only applicable on bike orders. Two pieces of information are needed to apply for the exemption: 

    1. Your Company Name, Email Address, and Phone Number.

    2. VAT Number.

    Customers located outside the European Union such as Switzerland or the UK are welcome to also apply for VAT-Exemption.

    A request for VAT-Exemption can be made and sent to our Customer Service Team via

  • Yes, you may ride your bike in the rain. Note that the Super73 is not meant for use in puddles, heavy rain, and riding through streams. Never immerse this product in water as the electrical system may be damaged. Take extra care while riding in wet conditions. Learn to brake earlier and gradually as it will take longer to slow than when operating in dry conditions. It is recommended to decrease your riding speed as well as it is important to wear reflective clothing and use approved safety lights. Road hazards are more difficult to see when wet, proceed with caution.
    If you leave your bike out in the rain, make sure the battery connectors are covered and dry before placing your battery on it.

  • Super73 bikes are easy to service, and beyond the electronics have standard bicycle components. This means that for any typical flat tire replacement, brake adjustments or yearly maintenance you can go see any professional bike mechanic.For electronics repair and troubleshooting (battery, motor, display, lights, etc) please contact your local dealer where you purchased your Super73 or us directly via e-mail or phone. We are located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and can help you trouble shoot easily. In this case, we work together to figure out the problem and find a solution. Sometimes this can be solved over a message, phone, or a video call with one of our technicians. If there are parts to be shipped, we can do so from our warehouse in Amsterdam, and within a few days you can expect them to be delivered.To help expedite the process of Repair and Service, please make sure you have your original invoice, bike frame serial number, photos and / or videos of the issue and clear description of the problem you are experiencing at hand when contacting us.Tip:Spare tubesmay be handy to purchase in advance as those are more uncommon to find in bike shops. Please make sure you also understand ourwarranty agreement

  • Europe has a different set of rules, certifications, market standards and regulations which we have to uphold. This combined with different duties and pricing structures when bringing our bikes to Europe, are the main source of the price differences. See below for further explanation. 

    Certified and eligible for government incentives

    In terms of regulations and certification, Europe indeed has some of the highest standards regarding electric bikes. Super73 follows those regulations to ensure consumer safety. We therefore test each new bike model in accredited laboratories (such as TUV SUD) to make sure we follow all the required labelling and standards. The United States does not require those same tests or standards.These tests and certification do have an influence on our prices. Thanks to this, our bikes are certified Electric Pedal Assist Cycles (EPAC) and fall in the e-bike category required to receive government grants for end consumers.

    Prices are not always what they seem

    At first glance, you may think that prices labeled on the US Super73 website are much lower than prices displayed on the European site. In the United States, advertised prices don’t include local state taxes, which range from 0% to 13.3% (such as in California). Those state taxes are added to the shopping cart. In Europe, the VAT is already included in the price displayed on the product page. On top of that, there are different import fees and other Value Added Taxes added to products coming into Europe. 

  • SUPER73-ZG has the smallest battery, 313 watt-hours, and a range of more than 45 km* on ECO pedal assistance mode.

    SUPER73-SG, has a 422 watt-hour battery, provides an estimated range of more than 50 km* using the ECO pedal assistance mode. If you are in SPORT mode at 25km / h the range is about 25-30km.

    SUPER73-SG1, has a 969 watt-hour battery, has an estimated range of more than 80 km* using the ECO pedal assistance mode. If you are in SPORT mode at 25km / h the range is about 50km.

    * Estimates of battery life depend on conditions such as rider weight, speed, temperature, wind, tire pressure, terrain, incline, etc., and therefore range may vary.

    To give a concrete example in Paris, a ride in SUPER73-SG1 with a distance of 11.4 km on uneven, paved and sloping terrain from the 18th arrondissement to the Parc des Princes in Boulogne, lasts about 45 minutes and is easily done on a SUPER73-SG1 in SPORT mode at 25 km / h used most of the time, with a rider weight of 75 kg. The battery does not need to be recharged for the return. If you are using a SUPER73-SG battery (422 watt hours) for this same route, a charge in between would be recommended.

  • Sometimes, an order may be flagged as fraudulent if triggered by a few things such as billing addresses that don't correspond to payment cards, or if our e-commerce platform has previously encountered a payment card in a fraudulent order. Not to worry! We work with a company called NoFraud who will contact you and ask you to provide an ID to verify.  Please follow their step-by-step verification process to help us ensure this transaction is safe so that we can ship your order as quickly as possible. 

  • We are actively working on setting up financing for our customers, but some banks offer individual financing. Please check with your own bank as some offer small loans for electric bikes. To go to our grants and financing page,please check here.

  • It is possible, however we do not supply the handlebars. You would need to use a handlebar with a 22.2mm tube size (this the size we use) Other than that, it is your choice which brand, material etc you choose. We always recommend safety first!

  • The pre-order is a non-refundable down payment of €350 for a Super73 bike. The pre-order deposit will be deducted from the customer's credit card at the time of pre-order, this amount is non-refundable. Payments can be made via Credit Card only.

    The customer is able to return the bike once it has been delivered, and get a full refund. The refund is excluding the original shipping costs. Super73 will charge the payment method entered in the original pre-order once the bike becomes available to be shipped.

    Once the balance is paid, the order will be active in the queue and will ship from the warehouse in 5-7 business days. The customer will receive a tracking code once the bike is on the way.

    If the balance charge is unsuccessful, Super73 will automatically cancel and refund the deposit to the customer.

    Please note if you placed a pre-order and you've added to cart an additional item such as an accessory or other, all items will get shipped on the same date as the pre-ordered bike.