Closeup of the Super73 Z Miami ebike removable battery

How to store the Super73 e-bike

Optimize e-bike performance and lifespan with our storage recommendations. Follow our guidelines for a well-maintained e-bike.
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Suggested Storage Conditions

All of our e-bikes are weather resistant to minimal weather conditions. We generally advise against exposure to extreme weather conditions that may cause extra strain on the battery/motor and protect all other electrical components. We recommend storing indoors, safely away from the elements when the bike is not in use. The use of a bike cover is strongly recommended if indoor storage is not an option.

Storing your bike in a horizontal position is best. Do not store in a diagonal or vertical position where the caliper will rest in a higher position than your brake levers; doing so risks having air bubbles travel into the caliper. Air bubbles will prevent optimal braking performance.

Storing the Lithium Battery

Do not store the bike for more than 24 hours with an empty battery. This prevents a deep discharge which may permanently affect the battery's performance. Charge the battery and use the bike at least once every 90 days.

If the charger has been exposed to improper storage conditions, i.e. water submersion, safely store and dispose of your charger immediately through a proper hazardous e-waste facility. Do not attempt to use the battery.


Do not attempt to use the charger if it has sustained any damage or if it has been exposed to improper storage conditions.

Do not leave your battery exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight for extended periods. Do not expose to water. Do not expose to extreme electrical shock.

If your battery has sustained damage, safely and immediately dispose of the battery through a proper hazardous e-waste facility drop-off location.