SUPER73 Z-Miami Christmas Custom Bike

SUPER73 Holiday Z-Miami

A one-of-a-kind Z-Miami bike designed for a Christmas 2022 competition, with a reversible cargo platform and a red, white, and green colour scheme, won over the hearts of the team at SUPER73. 

Created for a Christmas 2022 competition - this playful HALO bike brought a little bit of festive cheer to one lucky winner. This one-of-a-kind Z-Miami was designed to become a more utilitarian ride with a reversible cargo platform on the front with plenty of space for carrying gifts from house to house. In keeping with the Christmas theme a red, white and green colour scheme was chosen for this build. We gave this bike a custom-made seat adorned with a black quilt stitch and green piping. To add to this a unique green chain matches a pair of bright green handlebars. Capping off the look is white piping on the cables and a custom-made white handlebar pad with our signature logo. 

This was a super fun build for us and it’s always a great joy to see the winners of these competitions receiving their bikes and getting to use them in the real world. Just like Mr Claus himself, it’s our pleasure to bring a smile and a bit of magic to children big and small. The custom bike was built based on the SUPER73-Z Miami model.

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