SUPER73 and Soundboks collaboration bike

SUPER73 and Soundboks

SUPER73 and Soundboks created a custom collaboration bike, the SG1, that combined the sleek design of SUPER73 with the sonic power of Soundboks. The bike was given a complete revamp with reinforced frame, white and orange colorway, and has become a favorite in the company, attracting attention at events and rides due to its standout look and terrific sound.

In early 2021 our colleagues in California made a custom collaboration bike with Danish speaker company Soundboks. Having seen this on a company trip to the US, we decided we loved this idea and swiftly went about crafting our own. The bike was built with the Soundboks gen 3 speaker in the undercarriage, combining SUPER73’s sleek bike design with Soundboks’ sonic power.

This was new territory for the team here in Europe and provided a bunch of problems and challenges. Both from an aesthetic design and engineering perspective this was a groundbreaking project. Making enough room for the massive speaker and ensuring that it wouldn’t cause the frame to snap was a big concern.

The SG1 was given almost a complete revamp for this build. With the frame being extended, elevated and reinforced to take the extra cargo. From a paint job point of view, we decided on a stark white and orange colourway. Accompanied by a pair of white wall speedster Vee Tire.

Co. tires and orange grips on a pair of RX handlebars this bike has quickly become a favourite in the company. 

This bike has gone on to become a regular at our events and rides around Europe. Quickly picking up a lot of attention, not only because of its standout look but also helped by the terrific sound booming out of the speakers. Without a doubt one of our proudest builds and one that has brought a lot of eyeballs to SUPER73

One of our most standout HALO bikes for us here in Europe but one we are super proud of. If you see us at an event near you keep your eyes and ears peeled because this bike won’t be far away. 

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