Join the Super Squad 

Born from the desire to inspire, explore, and create community, Super73 has cultivated an inclusive group of passionate e-bike riders known as the Super Squad! As part of the Squad, you’ll be supported through all of your adventures. 

Join The Upcoming Squad Rides:

To Be Announced 

Squad Perks - All the Benefits of Joining:

  • New Friends
  • Group Rides
  • Exclusive SUPER73 Events
  • Insider Info
  • Endless Adventure

Find Your Local Community - How to Join Your Very Own Squad:

Whether you’re looking for a few buddies to attend a SUPER73 event with or planning out a group ride, your key to community starts with a Super73.

  • Hop on social media and search for Super73 to find other E-bike groups
  • Get to know local riders
  • Link up with group rides in your area

Rider Etiquette - Helpful Tips for Your Group Ride:

DO wear a helmet
DO obey bike traffic laws
DO be aware of your surroundings
DON'T speed past people going for walks
DON'T kick up dirt on trails
DON'T perform dangerous stunts