SUPER73's tribute bike to Yamaha Tenere

SUPER73's Tribute to Yamaha Ténéré

The SUPER73 600 was built specifically for EICMA 2022 and pays tribute to the 1986 Yamaha Ténéré XT600, known as "The Monster of the Desert" for its dominance in the Paris Dakar. The Ténéré was Yamaha's first bike built for the race and combined speed, durability, and reliability, sparking a new segment in motorcycling known as the adventure market.
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ShopWe built the ‘ SUPER73 600’ specifically for EICMA 2022. This HALO project pays tribute to one of the most iconic and dominant bikes to ever grace the start line of the Paris Dakar. The custom bike was built based on the SUPER73-RX model.

Known lovingly as ‘The Monster of The Desert’ the 1986 Yamaha Ténéré XT600 was an iconic bike that became a legend in the dunes of North Africa. Made famous by Frenchman, Cyril Neveu’s success at the Dakar, clocking up five wins in less than a decade. 

Neveu (born 20 September 1956 in Orléans, France) is a French former professional motocross, enduro and rally raid racer. He is notable for winning the motorcycle division of the Dakar Rally five times in 1979, 1980, 1982, 1986, and 1987. He was the first competitor to win the Dakar Rally in the motorcycle category in 1979 and in 2013, was named an FIM Legend for his motorcycling achievements. His achievements on two wheels inspired a generation of riders and became a hero in the eyes of many in what is without a doubt one of the most challenging races on the planet. 

The Ténéré was Yamaha’s first bike built specifically for the race. Combining its speed, durability and reliability made it a master in crossing deserts. Every inch of the bike was designed to end the drought that plagued Yamaha for years. The result was a modern classic that shines through even today. The Ténéré had an unexpected side effect in sparking a completely new segment of motorcycling that came to be known as the adventure market. With its stark blue and yellow colourway that is instantly recognisable, even 35 years later, this bike has refused to fade into obscurity. 

In mirroring the iconic look, we have used the three Yamaha RAL colours. A TFX suspension provides the dune-bashing comfort while a vintage roadbook reader ensures you stay on track. Complemented by a one-off hand-painted helmet made by our friends at Hedon. A custom race card along with anodized crank arms, dropouts and fork parts give this bike that special SUPER73 touch. 

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