JAN 19-21 | Verona Motor Bike Expo

JAN 19-21 | Verona Motor Bike Expo

Motor Bike Expo is an event where professional customisers challenge each other and unveil to the world what will be the newest upcoming trends. We were asked to join their Special Moped & Scooter Contest during this year’s edition with our KR1. This custom SUPER73 was specially built for EICMA 2023 and got a lot of eyes.

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The Motor Bike Expo is where motorcycle designers and builders bring forth their customs and do battle with competition from around the world. Unveiling some of the most outrageous and groundbreaking designs, we were thrilled to have been invited to expo our Yamaha YZR500 AMA tribute bike, the ‘SUPER73 KR1’. Originally designed for EICMA 2023, this HALO project pays tribute to AMA Legend Kenny Roberts who inspired changes that made motorcycle racing what it is today.

Motor Bike Expo (MBE) is home to more than just two-wheel enthusiasts. It is a show which has become a point of reference, welcoming more than 180,000 visitors in 2023. It has adapted to cross industry boundaries, highlighting the uniqueness that distinguishes every passionate rider and their preferences from the worlds of sport and competition to personalisation, travel and tourism, fashion and lifestyle.

At MBE visitors are given a first hand look at some of the most unique customised motorcycles and two wheeled vehicles from around the globe. Crafted by numerous international builders, it is the perfect opportunity to see what is being done on the cutting edge of the industry. Also on show will be a number of the latest models from major motorcycle manufacturers. In the name of exhibiting the cutting edge of design and technology, MBE also shines a spotlight on the exciting developments from the e-mobility sector. 


DATE: JAN 19-21, 2023

WHERE: Viale del Lavoro 8 – 37135, Verona, Italy