The real reason why you want a Super 73'

The real reason why you want a Super 73'

Over the past weeks, we've received wonderful and ecstatic messages from people all over the world expressing pure love for this product we've created. People are apparently "drooling over the bike for weeks". Rumors of fans wanting it at all costs whether it's legal or not. Hints of people urging us to not limit the speed per their country. Well, whether we listen to you or not, we know how you feel. 

The Super 73' has a mind of its own, a personality, a character. When you're on the bike, the vehicle transcends you. And you become one together. No, seriously! We'll take work breaks and go for a ride on the bike. Just to get that feeling.
Freedom, the liberating sensation as you're zipping down the boardwalk to go wherever you want to go. Even to grab that fish taco at your local joint. It's about the open space, off-roading when you're roaming into the desert. Blue sky and dreams are what come to mind when you're looking ahead of you, surfboard by your side, checking the waves on the horizon. A piece of California Dreamin' right in one machine. 

Why? What's the secret ingredient in a Super ‘73?

The super e-Rad electric motor means a lot more than just getting you there faster. If you think about it, when you're riding in a car, that's 4000 lbs of steel just to carry a 140-200 pound person around to grab a cup of coffee, to go to the gym and to the beach. Insane! Especially knowing that making a new car creates just as much carbon pollution as driving it. Not to mention the price tag.

Yes, many of us are caught in highway traffic and dependent on large-scale urban planning of the 50s. We don't all live just a few miles from work or everything. But, when it comes to those certain aspects of your daily or weekend routines, you'll find that an alternative, slower but more humane ride gives you twice the satisfaction as driving a car. Plus, you'd save about 1/4 of your monthly gas expenses - which can amount to $100 for some. To step out of the car and to feel the wind in your hair while cruising your Super 73', knowing that is was inspired straight from the hot vibes of California, or the memories of the cooler 70s - is well worth it.

When you're riding the Super 73', you know you're doing good, and feeling good.

We pride in sticking with our local partners and fabricators to making our bike as Californian as we are. Every design detail counts, every nut and bolt that goes into making the Super 73' is thought through. It's about the experience it gives. We're addicted to the emotion and the vibes we get from cruising down Main Street Huntington Beach. For the cost of a Super 73', you see a positive return on your investment in a multitude of ways. First, by coming to visit us in our shop, you make new friends and step into a rad community. By buying into this new generation of transportation, you lead the pack. By using it instead of your 6 ton gas-guzzler, you do us all a favor. Take a break, get yourself on a Super 73' and start having fun. 

Join us for the ride.