Certified Made in California

The world is full of amazing things that are made in California. Taylor Guitars, Tapatio Hot Sauce, the original Egg McMuffin, Levi blue jeans, and most recently added to the list: the Super 73. 
After months of coorespondance, inspections, and follow ups, we've officially received our "Made in California" certification and seal of approval. We are so excited to be a part of the invention and work force that drives our golden state. With the purchase of a Super 73, you're not only employing the amazing and hard working Californians in our Tustin warehouse, you're actually doing far more than that. You're employing the dozens of people in Santa Ana, CA who powder coat the bikes. You're employing the team of four in Tustin who water jet our dropouts. You're employing the duo across the street who mill our brass tensioners. By choosing to ride a Super 73 over the Asia based competitors, you're helping to drive our flourishing little economy in Orange County, CA. 
We couldn't have achieved this without your support and love for quality products. We are excited to see what the future hold for our team and equally excited to see where your Super 73 takes you. Adventure on!