Electric Bike Battery Charging Guide & Tips

Electric Bike Battery Charging Guide & Tips

Whether you're a seasoned rider or considering joining the ebike community, we've got you covered with our comprehensive guide to battery charging. Dive in to learn all the tips and tricks you need to keep your ride charged and ready to roll

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One of the most remarkable features of our bikes is that our batteries are removable. This removability makes charging convenient and easy: all you need to bring to the wall socket is the battery.

Charging: All the SUPER73 bikes are equipped with Lithium-ion batteries. It is advised to not completely charge or drain it to maximize its lifespan:

We recommend you charge your battery as soon as it is below 50% and before it reaches 10%. Letting it regularly run down to 0% will lead to premature wear. Topping up to 100% won't damage your battery, but you want to avoid leaving it connected to the charger after it is fully charged. Disconnect it as soon as the charger LED has turned green to avoid premature wear of the battery cells.

As a rule of thumb, never leave your battery connected to the charger for an extended period of time, especially if you’re not home. We do not recommend leaving the battery to charge overnight. Do not leave the battery and charger plugged into a wall socket for more than 24 hours.

First-Time Charging Tips: When charging your ebike's battery for the first time, follow special steps to maximize its potential. Since all SUPER73 electric bikes use lithium-ion batteries, the initial charging process is similar for every bike. Make sure to leave your battery on the charger for six to eight hours during its first charge to properly condition the lithium-ion cells. After this, your battery can handle partial charges with ease, so you're good to go even when in a hurry.
NOTE: The battery must be turned ON in order to take the charge. When the battery is charging, the charge indicator light is red, and when it’s charged, the charge indicator light turns green. Once it’s green, grab it and go. Avoid leaving the battery plugged to the charges for longer than necessary.

Battery Life and Maintenance: Like any cutting-edge technology, your battery will endure and perform optimally if you handle it with care and mindfulness.You can prolong the battery life by following good charging, storing, and handling practices.

Dos and Don’ts:

  • Ensure to recharge your battery at the end of each ride for longevity
  • Charge or use your battery at least every 90 days
  • Charge at room temperature (between 18° and 23°C)
  • Do not use or charge at temperatures above 36 degrees Celsius or below freezing. The battery should be charged at an ambient temperature between 4 °C at lowest and 30 °C at highest. Never charge the battery at ambient temperatures outside this range
  • Never use a damaged battery, a battery that has been submerged in liquid, or charge a battery longer than 24 hours
  • Don’t store your battery in a fully-discharged state longer than 24 hours or expose it to extreme heat, sunlight, or electrical shock
  • Recycle properly with authorized providers to adhere to regulations about handling lithium-ion batteries

By following these simple steps, you can enjoy your SUPER73 E-bike for years to come.