Super73 tribute bike to the Wall of Death


We love challenging the status quo and pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking. The HALO Customs team is a task force of our most creative minds dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind experiences by taking stock SUPER73s and building something truly remarkable. And by partnering with some of the world’s most iconic brands, we’re able to harness the full power of what makes us super.



Super73 and Vissla Collab bike
super73-S2 In-frame molle
In-Frame MOLLE - S2
Sale price€80
Super73 S2 Side Rack
S2 Side Racks
Sale price€175
Super73 GRZLY Tire
GRZLY Tire 20in. x 4.5in. with Override
Sale price€90
Super73 Stainless Steel Bottle
Stainless Steel Bottle
Sale price€30
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The SUPER73 KR1YAMAHA YZR500 Tribute is a nod to racing legend Kenny Roberts who inspired changes that made motorcycle racing what it is today. The bike is based on a S2 model frame painted in YAMAHA yellow, mimicking details on this famous OG bike.


An exclusive S2 bike custom-crafted for DEUS Ex-Machina Lodge, featuring front, side, rear, and mid racks for carrying substantial loads. The bike's vibrant orange, white, and green color scheme completes the space of their amazing concept hotel.

Cafe Racer

The SUPER73 Cafe Racer is crafted with a rich moto heritage in mind, this exceptional machine features a sleek and captivating gold chrome powder-coated front fork that demands attention.


SUPER73 and Winston Yeh of Rough Crafts have collaborated to create the SUPER73-RC_1X, an electric bike that combines cutting-edge technology with Yeh's renowned motorcycle design expertise, resulting in a visually striking and uniquely crafted e-bike.


SUPER73 has collaborated with the Dutch fashion brand Daily Paper to create a limited custom bike inspired by the unique biking culture of Amsterdam. It showcases the boundless creativity and innovation that arises when the worlds of fashion and e-mobility collide, providing riders with a prestige experience.


The SUPER73-RX custom bike, designed through a collaborative partnership with Spray.Bike and chosen by popular vote, showcases the accessibility and creativity of bike customization while featuring an eye-catching design brought to life by the joint effort of the Spray.Bike and HALO teams.


SUPER73 teamed with Belgian brand Tout Bien Pils to create a bike that is the centerpiece of every party. Find this custom travelling through Europe with the Tout Bien team as they host after-work drinks and community events.

Holiday Z-MIAMI

A one-of-a-kind Z-Miami bike designed for a Christmas 2022 competition, with a reversible cargo platform and a red, white, and green colour scheme, won over the hearts of the team at SUPER73. The custom-made seat and green chain add to its playful design, making it a perfect ride for spreading festive cheer.

Super73 Tribute bike to Yamaha Tenere

RX 600

The SUPER73 600 was built specifically for EICMA 2022 and pays tribute to the 1986 Yamaha Ténéré XT600, known as "The Monster of the Desert" for its dominance in the Paris Dakar. The Ténéré was Yamaha's first bike built for the race and combined speed, durability, and reliability, sparking a new segment in motorcycling known as the adventure market.


G-Star and SUPER73 have partnered on an intercontinental project, sending riders on adventures across the world's most renowned cities to discover hidden gems and showcasing their discoveries in curated guides. The collaboration includes a custom-made, limited-edition bike and accompanying raw denim rider bag.

Super73 tribute bike to Tom  Ritchey


Few people are as instantly recognisable in the world of biking as Tom Ritchey. Read about how we have taken the spirit of Tom Ritchey’s innovation and created "The SUPER73-ZX Team" as an ode to the early stages of mountain biking.

Super73 Custom Bike for the Wall of Death

Wall of DEATH

SUPER73 customizes electric bike for wall of death thrills - Get ready for an electrifying experience as SUPER73 introduces a custom electric bike designed specifically for the wall of death. Witness the stunning performance of Marvellous Marv, the Dutch rider, and the newly designed bike.

Super73 and Soundboks Collaboration Bike


SUPER73 and Soundboks created a custom collaboration bike, the SG1, that combined the sleek design of SUPER73 with the sonic power of Soundboks. The bike was given a complete revamp with reinforced frame, white and orange colorway, and has become a favorite in the company, attracting attention at events and rides due to its standout look and terrific sound.

Super73 and Saint Laurent collaboration bike

Saint Laurent

SUPER73 and Saint Laurent joined forces in 2022 to create a limited edition electric bikes, blending the spirit of a Californian electric motorbike and the Parisian fashion house. The bikes were designed under the creative direction of Anthony Vaccarello, with a black theme and a focus on design and functionality. 

Super73 tribute bike to Porsche


Check out SUPER73's HALO bike project, a unique vintage-inspired bike that pays tribute to Porsche's racing history, featuring a distinctive color scheme, gold rims, Apache Fattyslick tires, black alcantara with white piping seat, and a single-speed drivetrain.