Instructions for S-series Suspension Fork Assembly

1. Make sure you have all the necessary components to get started: 

We recommend installing with two people to avoid damage


Tools Needed:

  • 3mm allen wrench
  • 4mm allen wrench
  • 5mm allen wrench
  • 6mm allen wrench
  • 8mm allen wrench
  • 15mm Socket wrench wheel
  • 19mm Socket Wrench
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Torque Wrench

Additional items:

  • Zip tie cutters or scissors
  • Rubber mallet


Included in the assembly:

  • Headlight Bracket
  • Lower crown
  • Upper crown
  • Handlebar risers
  • Handlebar Clamp
  • Bump stops (2)
  • Grips
  • Handlebars
  • Top cap
  • Top cap bolts
  • 10mm spacers (2)
  • Headlight cable
  • Zip ties (3)


2. Download instruction manual: 

S-Series Suspension Fork Instruction Manual


3. Super73 suspension fork installation video: 



Phase 1: Prep For installation

  1. Remove both handlebar grips. We recommend bursts of compressed air to help remove the grips.
  2. Remove the brake handles from both sides. (5mm allen wrench)
  3. Remove the throttle/display by loosening the screw from the underside of the display.  (3mm allen wrench)
  4. Carefully cut all zip ties around the wiring harness, display, and brake cabling on the fork.
  5. Disconnect the respective wiring: headlight, throttle/display, and brake sensor cables. Remove the wiring harness and set aside.
  6. Remove headlight by loosening the triple tree bolt that holds the headlight into place. (8mm allen wrench and 19mm socket wrench)
  7. Keep the current headlight bracket on the headlight for installation on the suspension fork.
  8. Remove the front brake caliper from the existing fork and remove the front brake assembly. Set aside for installation of suspension fork. (5mm allen wrench)

From this point on in the process, we recommend two people to avoid damage.

  1. Finish removing the final two triple tree bolts. (8mm allen wrench and 19mm socket wrench)
  2. Before removing the steer tube bolt the front wheel must be fully grounded. One person should support the rear of the bike to ground the front wheel. Remove steer tube bolt, the steer cap and spacer. Set aside the spacers for installation of suspension fork. (8mm allen wrench)
  3. Pull apart the front handlebar while maintaining the force on the front wheel to avoid the steer tube washers from falling all over.
  4. Remove the steer tube washer and set aside the 5 mm spacer and 10 mm spacer for installation of suspension fork.
  5. Remove the front wheel from the fork. (15mm wrench)

Parts set aside for Phase 2: display, front brake line, steer tube washers and spacers which include, metal shim, plastic split washer, 5 mm spacer and 10 spacer. Headlight and one triple tree bolt, nut, and lock washer

Phase 2: Installation of the new fork

  1. Ensure all 5 mm bolts at lower plate of suspension fork are tight. Tighten to a torque of  11 ft-lb
  2. Loosen the bolts at the top crown and pull the top crown away from the fork assembly. Some force may be necessary. (5mm allen wrench)
  3. With the crown set aside from the fork assembly, remove the handlebar clamp for preparation of handlebar installation. (6mm allen wrench)
  4. Make sure the bearing set is intact and properly seated. The bearings are installed in the top and bottom of the down stem.
  5. Insert the fork onto your super73 by inserting the steer tube into your frame. One person should hold the fork into place while the other inserts the steer tube washers.
  6. Install the top crown onto the fork assembly. Some force may be required which may include the use of a rubber mallet.
  7. Install steer tube spacers (1) 5mm followed by (3)10mm. Two additional 10mm steer tube spacers are provided in the package. Place the 5mm spacer below the 10mm spacers. Insert the steer tube bolt into the steer tube cap and place into the steer tube and tighten. (5 mm allen wrench) Tighten to the point that the fork does not fall in either direction. The following instructions can now be performed by one person.
  8. Tighten the bolts on the crown located at the steer tube to a torque of 16 ft-lb (5mm allen wrench) Tighten the bolts, one at each stanchion, making sure that the pre-load caps have cleared the crown. (5mm allen wrench) Tighten to a torque of 11ft/lb.
  9. Next Install the handlebar. Place the handlebar on the risers, then apply clamp over handlebar, loosely tighten and adjust the handlebar angle to rider comfort, then cross tighten the clamp bolts completely to a torque of 20ft-lb.(6mm allen wrench)
  10. Slide the display on the handlebar, this will be tightened after the brake handles have been placed.
  11. Place grips on each handlebar, this will guide the placement of the brake handles.
  12. Route the rear brake handle through left stanchion and attach the rear brake handle on the left handlebar against the grip. (5mm allen wrench)
  13. Route the front brake handle through left stanchion and attach the front brake handle on the right handlebar against the grip. (5mm allen wrench)
  14. Attach the front brake caliper to the front fork at the caliper attachment WITHOUT the brake caliper bracket (5mm allen wrench). Brake adjustment will be necessary once the front wheel has been installed.
  15. Move the pre-installed brake line attachment to the rear of the fork. ( 3mm allen wrench)
  16. Loosely apply a zip-tie around the stanchion to hold the brake cable into  place. Some slide should occur.
  17. Now tighten the display in the desired position with a small but necessary space between the throttle and brake handle.
  18. Reinstall the front wheel WITHOUT the washer/spacer and tighten the axle nuts. (15 mm wrench)
  19. Make all the necessary connections by lining up the arrows of the male and female connectors and gently pushing them together. These connections are color coded to aid in proper connection. This includes the main power connection of the wiring harness, both brake sensor cables, and the display.
  20. Turn the handlebar from left to right to check if the travel is interrupted by the battery. If no, then the installation is done. If yes, then the controller may need to be adjusted to create more space.
    1. To adjust the controller, unlock and remove the battery from your bike. Use a 4mm allen wrench to loosen the three screws that hold the controller in place. Slide the controller towards the rear of the bike and then tighten the same three bolts. Adjustments must be made to ensure the headlight cable doesn’t pull. Now check that the travel is not interrupted by the battery
  21. To apply the bump stops, turn the handlebar in each direction and view the points where the suspension fork will come in contact with the frame. Peel off the adhesive protection and place on the lower crown.
  22. Before installing the headlight, make sure the headlight is tightened on the current headlight bracket. Do not over tighten as this may damage the tabs on the headlight that hold the bracket into place. Position the bracket on the installed bracket of the suspension fork. Insert one of the triple tree bolts and place the lock washer and then the nut. Tighten with 8mm allen wrench and 19 mm socket wrench. Now make the connection from the headlight to the controller by lining up the arrows on the connectors and gently pushing together.

Phase 3: Look over/Safety Check

  1. The Suspension fork may have adjusted the distance between the ground and the mid mounted kickstand. For kickstands that have been continuously sat on, the mounting bracket may have bent and is no longer level. There is no fix for this issue as the mounting tab is a part of the frame and is not easily replaced. Please note that kickstands of any kind are not designed to withstand the weight of any rider.
  2. Make sure wheel nuts are secure and the axle is properly seated in the dropout.
  3. Make the necessary brake alignments for proper front braking.
  4. Ensure the handle bar is properly adjusted and secure.

4. Additional questions/concerns:

A front fender bracket will be provided by team Super73 once it becomes available. If you would like the front fender bracket, or an extension piece for the kickstand if the kickstand is no longer touching the floor, Submit a request to Customercare@super73.com and provide the order number from your suspension fork purchase in your request.