Quality Protection You Can Rely On

You should never compromise on safety, which is why we’re happy to provide our riders with a wide assortment of safety supplies that protect you, your bike, and your peace of mind. From electric bike locks to ebike helmets, you’ll find everything you need to ensure your ride is a safe one.

Safe and Seen

Shop our collection of powerfully luminous headlights that will light the road ahead and keep you visible in all conditions. Make the bright choice. 

Lock it Down

Explore the best in smart safety solutions and leave your bike behind anxiety-free with our collection of extra strength locks.

Make Yourself Heard - Ring the Bell

Announce your presence with style! Check out our collection of Knog bells will keep you and those you share the road with safe and sound.

Stay Prepared

It’s hard to know just what lies down the road ahead. Luckily, our collection of high quality ebike tools will allow you to ride with confidence knowing that you can handle anything life throws your way.