Lithium Cycle's limited edition Super 73

5 Ways the Super 73 is About to Change Your Life

In 2017, it's becoming harder and harder to stand out in a crowd. With 16.1 million new vehicles sold in the year of 2016, the roads and highways have become over crowded and just plain miserable. The Super 73 is here to change the game. Here are our 5 reasons why a Super 73 is life changing.





1. Instant Celebrity

Imagine riding down the street and watching everyone's head turn as you fly through traffic, onto the dirt shoulder, and back onto the road without losing a beat. Good luck trying to walk the bike anywhere without getting asked every 10 feet about what this electric contraption of the future is. You will make new friends everywhere you and your Super 73 go. Basically, only buy this bike if you are okay with being the neighborhood envy and a 27mph heartbreaker.


2. Hydrate More

Did you know that an average human needs 100 ounces of water every day!? That's insane (sort of) and a tough goal to reach. Lucky for you, the Super 73 comes standard with a cup holder. Never leave your water behind with this all steel, deep base cup holder. You're about to be so freaking healthy.


3. Become More Attractive

Okay, hear me out. What happens when the sun comes out? We all head to the beach or get outside to soak in the rays. With your Super 73, you're going to find that getting outside just got a whole lot easier. A sun kissed tan is the quickest way to get that #FitLife look. Have you ever cruised at 27mph with the wind in your hair? You're about to look like you came straight out of an 80's romance soap opera. Wind swept hair and all.


4. Your Butt Won't Hurt Anymore

Have you ever rode on one of those standard bicycle seats? Okay, that seat was invented like 200 years ago and hasn't had an update since. It's time to give your rear a break and enjoy the high comfort luxury seat of the Super 73. You'll be bringing your Super 73 seat to work, funerals, board meetings, and baseball games because no seat is as comfortable as the cushiony, pillow-soft Super 73 seat.


5. #WalkingIsThePast

That's it. Never walk again. Roll into your nephew's 9th birthday on your Super 73. Right through the front door, past the shrine of photos that is his first 8 years of life, through the kitchen where Carol is complaining about the line she was stuck in at Whole Foods, and into the back yard where the gluten-free (but passable) cupcakes are. You are the champion of Dameon's 9th birthday.

Join the Super Squad and order yours today!