Super73 and YSL collaboration bike

SUPER73 and Saint Laurent

SUPER73 and Saint Laurent joined forces in 2022 to create a limited edition of electric bikes, blending the spirit of a Californian electric motorbike and the Parisian fashion house. The bikes were designed under the creative direction of Anthony Vaccarello, with a black theme and a focus on design and functionality. 
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This collaboration brought the US and EU offices together and garnered worldwide attention and recognition. It is also one we are tremendously proud of and one we as a company hang our hat on. After working on this project for the guts of 12 months, we were delighted for it to finally see the light of day. 

Yves Saint Lauren’s story begins in 1960s Paris, after years spent working under Christian Dior. A young Yves Saint Lauren stepped out on his own to create what we now know as one of the most prestigious high fashion brands of the 21st century. From pioneering trends like Beatnik and Le Smoking Suit, Saint Laurent has been at the forefront of the fashion industry for over half a century in both haute couture and ready-to-wear garments. 

We like to see ourselves as having led the charge in pioneering a new approach to help redefine the electric two-wheeled mobility industry. By emphasising thoughtful design, responsible manufacturing techniques, and local community engagement, the brand continually strives to grow and expand into a true industry leader.

As leaders in our respective industries, SUPER73 and Saint Lauren have always walked our own paths. In 2022 we joined together to create a range of limited edition SUPER73 X Saint Laurent bikes that reflect the history and character of both companies. Limited to only 50 bikes divided on either side of the Atlantic. This fusion of haute couture and urban adventure channelled the spirit of a Californian electric motorbike company and a Parisian fashion house. Throughout the process there was a focus on design and functionality, this collaboration created something that was both bold and unique. With Saint Lauren’s wealth of experience in design and craftsmanship and SUPER73’s unique insight into the world of electric motorbikes creating something iconic was inevitable. 

Under Creative Director, Anthony Vaccarello’s guidance, each and every element of the bike were designed specifically for this project. A black theme was chosen for the bike, reflecting the colour’s timeless standing in the fashion industry. Reaching back to the roots of SUPER73, an extended vintage SG1 seat sits proudly on top of the new S2 frame bringing the past and present together. From the tumbled leather grips with a coarse cross stitch, to the black frame, chain, and pedals, all elements have been graced with the distinct RAL 9005 black. Standing in line with the minimalistic look, a black ‘Saint Laurent’ graces the sides of the battery, visible only with a shift in the light, looking to the underside of the battery, a discreet embossed SUPER73 logo. On the front fender in immaculate white lies the two brands' names standing out against the grain. 

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