Super73 and Porsche custom bike

SUPER73 Tribute to Porsche

Are you a fan of vintage-inspired bikes with modern performance? Then you'll love SUPER73's HALO bike project that pays homage to Porsche's racing history with a vintage-inspired design and a unique turquoise, purple, red, and orange colour scheme, reminiscent of the 1970’s Kremer Racing Porsche 934.
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Here at SUPER73, we like to think of ourselves as having always walked the line of drawing inspiration from the past while also keeping our eyes firmly on the future. Designed exclusively for EICMA 2021 as a celebration of German engineering and speed.

This HALO custom project drew inspiration from the 1970’s Kremer Racing Porsche 934. A car that competed all around the world, from the La Mans 24 hour to the 24 hours of Daytona and came away on top.

The bike itself is a tribute to Porsche's rich racing history over the past 60 years. Very few companies have given so much to the world of high-speed movement, both on and off the track. For us, this bike is our way of taking note of their unparalleled impact on the world of motorsport and representing that in our own, unique way. 

Graced with one of the most unique paint jobs ever seen on a race track, the Vaillant-sponsored car always stood out on the paddock with its turquoise, purple, red and orange livery. It was these very colours that set the foundation for this one-of-a-kind bike, with turquoise dominating the frame’s colour scheme. Flashes of purple feature on the frame and grips and fire engine red appearing on the pedals and the classic racing-style fire extinguisher (just to really cap off the racing look).

As part of the design, we added a pair of BBS gold rims similar to the ones that featured on the cars back then and a crisp gold chain on the single-speed drivetrain. Looking to the interior of the car for inspiration on the seat, a black alcantara with white piping was chosen as a callback to the classic racing seats. Known for their endurance and durability the alcantara material gives the quintessential racetrack look. Apache Fattyslick tires have been mounted to improve performance and speed capping off that classic racing feel.

This bike was a blast to make and even more fun to ride and has become a regular feature at our group rides around Europe. So be sure to keep your eyes open and join your next local group ride to see this bike in the flesh. 

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