Bikes Rolling Out OC Factory Door

Bikes Rolling Out OC Factory Door

Big news: The first of the bikes are out and rolling through the streets!

In parallel, we have been having dozens of people coming through the shop for test rides and walk throughs and leaving with smiles and a recharged level of excitement. We just had the coolest family from Santa Cruz tour our shop and test the bikes not even an hour ago. 

Super 73s are being delivered as soon as the frames come out of powder coating and once assembled with their motors, so please continue to have patience with us while we crank out as many of these as we can every day. The bikes are being produced in batches that are increasing in size over time, as we perfect our assembly line and become more efficient. We're still waiting for the cardboard boxes for packaging and the rest of the electrical components, so we're delivering the first Super 73s to our earliest and local LA County Kickstarter backers and respecting the order of customers as best as we can. 

Thanks for sticking with us, and don't hesitate to stop by for a visit!

Late afternoons are best and a little warning would be nice so as not to disrupt our production momentum and busy schedule :-) 

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Super 73 by Lithium Cycles in Orange with Kickstarter Backers Delivered

Kickstarter backers Kim and Todd check out their new Orange Super 73 and learn about the different settings on the control panel. 

Delivering Super 73 by Lithium Cycles to first Kickstarter Backers

Part of the Lithium Cycles team with one our top supporters Douglas! (photo taken with prototype after loading his Super 73 in the car)

Super 73 rig for RV by Lithium Cycles Kickstarter Electric Bike

Our customers' amazing setup and custom rig for their Super 73 duo, ready for a cross-country roadtrip!