Super73 and Tout Bien collab bike

SUPER73 and Tout Bien

SUPER73 teamed with Belgian brand Tout Bien Pils to create a bike that is the centerpiece of every party. Find this custom travelling through Europe with the Tout Bien team as they host after-work drinks and community events.
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SUPER73 will be displaying its first-ever delivery bike, custom designed for the Belgian beer brand TOUT BIEN, created together with one of its three founders, Average Rob, the beloved Belgian YouTube personality. TOUT BIEN’s goal is to "be the brand that people love to talk about, that does fun and adventurous things that other brands can't or are afraid to do" - a perfect match with SUPER73!

When Fun, Adventurous, Game-Changing Brands Collide

When the SUPER73 crew decided to go to the yearly festival in Hoeilaart, they met Rob and everyone decided the collaboration was a fantastic idea. Immediately started making plans for a TOUT BIEN delivery bike.  It all fell into place between these two companies. SUPER73 and TOUT BIEN bring humour, integrity, and dedication to their products while providing their communities with fun, forward-thinking and adventurous opportunities to enjoy them. The bike was unveiled at the one-year anniversary event of TOUT BIEN at Ray Greenhouse in the center of Ghent.

The custom SUPER73-S2 features for the first time a huge cooler carrier, in a special champagne colour chosen with Average Rob, combining the TOUT BIEN logo and red details throughout, from the nicely embroidered saddle to the grips, pedals, and finishing touches. The GRZLY tires are giving the bike the final touch of toughness. These unique features deliver a bike that is bound to turn heads and keep you refreshed as TOUT BIEN grows throughout Europe.

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