SUPER73-SG and SG1 out of stock in Europe

SUPER73-SG and SG1 out of stock in Europe

It's official: our Super73-SG and SG1 bikes are out of stock and will no longer be sold in Europe. When it first entered the European market in 2017-2018 via distributors, it received praise from the community and noteworthy press thanks to its distinguishable form factor, ease of use and head-turning design. The first of its kind in Europe, starting a wave of me-too designs, we are retiring this design Europe to leave room for further exploration and innovation. 

The SUPER73-S2 is a natural evolution from the SG/SG1 as an urban adventurer sport-cruiser style motorbike. While there are many upgrades made to this bike, the most notable is that the S2 also features Super73's all-new connected electronics suite that is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices through the new Super73 App.

Not to forget, the European Super73 product portfolio is complemented by the ZG which is the perfect entry-level commuter vehicle and the SUPER73-RX which remains our highest-end bike with all the features our community could dream of. As a powerful and technologically advanced drive system, this performance vehicle is perfect for riders planning on off-road adventures. 


4h10 - 19 juillet 2017

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