The First-ever National Electric Motorbike Racing Series

The First-ever National Electric Motorbike Racing Series

Austin, TX is known for its live music scene with festivals like South by Southwest (SXSW) and Austin City Limits (ACL) to name a few. It also has a rich heritage in professional motorsports hosting Formula 1, MotoGP, X Games and now IndyCar. This year, we paired up with Roland Sands Design (RSD) Super Hooligan National Championship Series to run the first-ever Super73 Race.

Super73 Race

The team brought out race-prepped SUPER73-S1 models for the electric motorbike exhibition race. The same model used for the custom RSD build currently on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum. Riders were ready to take on the track for a real hooligan experience this past Saturday. Participants included; X games medalist Tyler Bereman, The Great Frog Jewelry owner Imogen Lehtonen, Sport Bike Inc. editor in chief Allan “Mr Black Moses” Lane, Supermoto expert and savage Nicole “Spicoley” Pitman, Motorcyclist, Cycle World, HotBike contributor Morgan Gales and Sean MacDonald from The Brand Amp.

Tyler Bereman

Riders had the opportunity to use pedal assist in the race and they took full advantage of it. Bereman took the lead followed by Pitman and the pack around the first turn. Bereman told us that he’s coming off a freestyle motocross (FMX) injury but had no problem joining in on the race and putting down hot lap after hot lap. We saw some aggressive racing by all the riders approaching the grass jumps which didn’t end too well for some. After a few spills and tumbles, we saw Bereman get hunted down by Pitman on the last lap as she put her head down and barely edged him out for the win. Final results would go, Pitman, Bereman, MacDonald, Gales, Lehtonen, and Lane, with Pitman taking home a brand new Super73-S1 for her efforts.

Nicole Pitman