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Support: SUPER73-S Series


Welcome! On this page you'll find all support information regarding the SUPER73 Series models ("Rose Ave."/S/S1/SG/SG1 models).

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4.  Perform a "Before you Ride Safety Check"!


Check the tires’ condition, alignment and air pressure. Check the tires and wheels for damage, cracks and deformation.


Check that the battery is inserted securely: push the battery into its holder until it clicks into the lock. Remove the key from the lock and pull the battery to check if it has indeed locked into place.  Check the charge status of the battery. Become familiar with the functions of all controls.


Pull both brake levers. You should feel an obvious pressure point and the levers should not be able to touch the handle. Make sure that the disks are not rubbing against each other. If they do rub at the beginning, it’s normal because they are not broken in.

To learn more about adjusting brakes visit our YouTube channel, or visit your local bike shop to have them professionally adjusted and tuned.

Check that the configuration of the brake lever matches what you are used to. Otherwise your specialist dealer should adjust the configuration of the brake levers. More information on brakes in our Maintenance & Components section of our manual.

4. LIGHTING: Check if the front and rear lights are working properly and if the front light is set correctly. Do not cover lighting and reflectors.

5. CABLES: Look out for any loose cables.

6. DISPLAY: Check that your display turns on and functions properly

7. KICKSTAND: Make sure that the kick stand is tightly secured, and not rubbing against the ground or  tires.


About the LCD DISPLAY (US spec)

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