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Air Suspension Fork Support

Instructions for Air Suspension Fork Assembly


Please read these instructions in full before beginning the installation.

We recommend taking the fork to a professional cycle mechanic for installation. Super73 will not be held liable for damages done during installation.

If you should choose to install the suspension fork yourself we recommend doing a team install to avoid any damages during installation.

Please execute the installation on a soft flat surface to avoid scratches.

Higo Plugs are made so that the indicating arrows on male and female plug match for proper connection

We recommend a team install to avoid any damage


    You’ll need the following tools to perform the installation:

    • 3mm Allen Wrench
    • 4mm Allen wrench
    • 5mm Allen wrench
    • 6mm Allen wrench
    • 8mm Allen wrench
    • 13 mm Open wrench
    • 10 mm open wrench
    • 15mm Socket wrench 
    • Shock pump
    • Torque Wrench



    Included in the assembly:

    • Air Fork Assembly
    • Front Fender Bracket
    • 10 mm Steer tube Spacer
    • Post Mount Brake caliper bracket
    • Brake caliper attachment screws
    • 3 Zip-ties
    • Bump stops



    Download your instruction manual here:

    Air Suspension Fork Manual

    Assembly Tutorial: