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San Francisco @ Golden Hour

San Francisco @ Golden Hour

One of our Kickstarter backers David has been having a blast riding his Super 73 adventure bike around San Francisco a few weekends ago. He shared his amazing shots with us as well as the best review and testimonial ever, and we had to share them with you! 

"With all the other 5 Star reviews it's pretty obvious the Super 73 is a quality product. The Made in USA frame is solid and there are some nice CNC machined parts you rarely see from other manufacturers. What's been most remarkable to me thus far has been my experience with the people behind the brand and how there’s a growing community of owners to share experiences with. This is not a faceless corporation but a small group of hard working people genuinely trying to make a great product you'll love. Sure, young companies will have hiccups now and then and some logistics challenges so as an early adopter, I am OK with that because I know they’ll work things out and are making progress.

I often see people complain about price and how they can build it cheaper themselves and I want to chime in and say there is a huge difference between making one of something on your own and doing it as a legitimate business with all the other costs and issues associated with that (salaries, marketing, insurance, customer support, rent, equipment, logistics, keeping factory lights on, and rightfully turning a profit, etc.). New companies usually don’t benefit from economies of scale. It takes time to build consistent sales volume and supplier relationships, plus they are trying to make a good portion of the bike locally / domestically in California, USA.

Yes, this is a considered purchase and one huge factor to keep in mind when comparing price and specifications is whether or not the company cares about you after the bike leaves the factory. Often times with cheaper mass-produced and retrofitted, off the shelf e-bikes, you're pretty much on your own after taking delivery. For many others, customer support is done begrudgingly. Lithium Cycles makes the Super 73 frame in California and you're encouraged to visit the factory. Not many companies open their doors like this so that tells you something too.

In everything people do in life, whether a parent, a politician, a doctor, or a teacher, what separates the mediocre from the excellent is whether or not they really care. This is where Lithium Cycles really shines in my particular case and why I am a new but already loyal customer posting here tooting their horn! These folks will work through problems and will take care of you so buy with confidence and join an enthusiastic community of owners! All things considered, there's value, peace of mind, and LOTS OF FUN to be had in doing so! Shout out to Alix and Natalie for taking good care of me and my Super 73! "

You can also find the rest of his adventures on our Facebook group for owners.

Photos courtesy of David Shaw


Super 73 Adventure San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

 Super 73 Adventure San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

Super 73 San Francisco Palace of fine arts